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Tents & Marquees, Blankets, Kitchen Sets, Cookers & Heaters, Bulk Food Supplies, Family Food Parcels, Baby Food, Milk Powder, Family Hygiene Parcels, Mosquito Nets, (LLIN`S) Clothing & Footwear, Educational Equipment,Lighting & Power Supplies, Medical Equipment & Consumables, Airfield Equipment, Water Storage & Purification, Agricultural Equipment & Seeds, Vehicles & Spare Parts, Communications Equipment. Aircraft & Boats


Portable Buildings, Warehouses, Workshops, Tools, Heavy Plant & Equipment, Building Materials, Food Storage, Field Kitchens, Field Laundries, Industrial Scale Catering, Field Hospitals & Clinics.


With main branch offices undertaking procurement and warehousing in Kenya, we can often supply from within the region where an emergency has occurred, usually within a matter of days instead of weeks. MKM Trading LTD maintains a policy of purchasing goods from within the country of crisis where possible thereby assisting local industry and the recovery of the local economy

Our global procurement capabilities enable MKM Trading LTD to supply large volumes of quality emergency goods at highly competitive prices quickly and efficiently. Efficient procurement results in budget savings which can be re-allocated to other priority areas thereby maximizing the use of allocated funds


Warehousing, Packing, Quality Control & Inspection Services. Shipping by Land, Sea & Air. Full Charters. Aviation Services. Insurance.